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PSB Vision has an enormous spectrum of experience and creativity, capable of providing you with the best and most cost-effective lighting solutions for all your events and productions.

Mike Le Fevre, Head of PSB Vision is also the Deputy Chairman & Treasurer of the Society of Television Lighting Directors – you’re in safe hands!

If you require further information or if we can be of assistance in the realisation of your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mike Le Fevre: Profile

2013: AP – Charlie Brooker

2013: Royal Opera House "The Metamorphosis"

2012: BBC – Children In Need

2012: BBC – The Andrew Marr Show

2012: Royal Opera House "The Nutcracker"

2012: Royal Opera House "Swan Lake"

2012: The Globe Theatre "Henry V"

2012: BBC Sport – Wimbledon

2012: ITN – RTS Slovenia News

2012: AP / Al Jazeera – The 2012 Olympics

2011: AP – Dido

2011: National Theatre "Frankenstein"

2011: Royal Opera House "Sleeping Beauty"

2011: Royal Opera House "Macbeth"

2011: The Globe Theatre "Dr Faustus"

2011: BBC – Newsnight

2010: BBC – The General Election

2010: BBC – Paxman Talks to the Party Leaders

2010: BBC World Service "Superpower Nation" Project

2009: BBC London Re-launch

2008: Royal Opera House "Hansel & Gretel"

2008: iPod Launch at The Business Design Centre, London

2008: Re-launch of Channel "Dave" at The Hippodrome in Leicester Square, London

2008: Local Elections at City Hall, London

2007: The Talk Show

2007: Comic Relief

2007: Manchester International Festival
(Nominated for 2008 Clay Paky Knight of Illumination awards in the Television Event Category)

2006: BBC News Re-branding

2005–2006: The Politics Show (including OB at 10 Downing Street)

2005: BBC – Paxman talks to the Party Leaders

2005: Spencer Tunick "Naked City" Live in Newcastle Gateshead.
(Nominated for RTS Arts Production Award

2005: The Newsnight Security, Migration & Vivisection Debates

2004: BBC Sport Re-branding

2003–2010: BBC Sport – Wimbledon

2002: BBC Sport – The World Cup

2002: The Carlton Multicultural Awards

2001–2009: Newsnight Review (& OB's Worldwide)

2001: BBC Sport Re-branding

2000–2005: BBC Sports Personality of the Year

2000: Today Tobago Festival

1999–2005: Eastenders

1999–2000: BBC Sports Personality of the Century
(Winner – RTS Sports Entertainment Programme of the Year)




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