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Rory Mckellar, Director

Jon Klein, Director

Jon Klein’s film making is often informed by his colourful musical background, working previously as a musician, song writer and producer with artists such as Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sinead O’Connor and Mercury Award winning Talvin Singh.

He has made many short films for internet with companies such as Ping Pong Dim Sum, Kirk Originals eye wear, London Walks guided walking tour company, and various club and art events. These films are used primarily on web sites and viral campaigns, though some have also been used at point of sale, and on company rep iPods® for product demonstration purposes. 

“My short internet films are often shot guerrilla style as a larger crew would be too disruptive or simply not possible. This method was developed initially whilst making art films.”

Jon’s art films have been screened at many exhibitions and events in London and Paris, whilst his collaborations have shown further afield at exhibitions including the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum (Spain) and the Deviant Art Festival in Trollhattans (Sweden).

Jon also works on larger film productions in various capacities from cameraman to editor and foley artist, whilst his music-writing and performing credits include Hollywood films such as Tim Burton’s ‘Batman Returns’ and Andrew Flemming’s ‘The Craft’.

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Strange Nature :: Made in collaboration with string duo The McCarricks as an interpretation of their music. The film is used primarily at live performances in which the musicians accompany the image, whilst the film provides the diegetic sound of sea, shingle and shipping forecasts.  Kirk Originals :: Kirk Originals eye wear commissioned a series of viral films that reflect the quirky, creative nature of the brand. The films have various functions including demonstrations of frame adjustment, manufacturing process, showcasing of the website and Facebook campaigns.  Ping Pong Flowering Tea :: One of a series of viral films made for the Ping Pong restaurant company. Other films included food preparation, and human resources recruitment films.




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